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Content CreateHer Conference 2019 Recap

I had the honor of attending the very FIRST Annual Content Create HER Conference and I’m still on cloud nine.

My line sister, Tasha Butler AKA The Regal Lady, was the creator and I couldn't be more proud of her. Everything came out so amazing! She started planning with just $100 and made absolute MAGIC happen. If I didn’t know her I would’ve never believed this was her first conference. And the swag bags OMG! They were filled to the brim with goodies. The inner product junkie in me immediately jumped out! LOL

The conference kicked off with a delicious and nutritious brunch spread provided by well known Baltimore Chef Catina Smith. Chef Cat studied Culinary Arts at Baltimore International College. She is currently the owner and creator of Culinary Socialite and Just Call Me Chef, two #blackownedbusinesses. Talk about Black Excellence.

Almost immediately after brunch, the giveaways began! From downtown locker room gift cards to bundles of full-sized hair products our swag bags were getting fatter and fatter. The Regal Lady went above and beyond to make sure we all went home with something special. We were off to a wonderful start but nothing compared to the many gems of knowledge dropped on us by each and every influencer and business owner there to present. I’m going to bless you with a few! You’ll have to be in attendance 2020 to get the full access pass for yourselves Curl Queens. LOL

Content CreateHer Conference 2019 Swag Bag Goodies

Tatiana Inise, style and lifestyle blogger, proceeded to teach us the process of developing your brand from an idea to completion. With just a few simple steps she guided us through how to create and launch our very own brands.

  1. Starts with an Idea

  2. Determine Your Why

  3. Secure the name

  4. Create the brand

  5. Plan for it

  6. Launch it

The Regal Lady herself, Tasha Butler, shared with us her very own method, the R.E.G.A.L Method, for creating content for your personal brand. As a lifestyle content creator, this method helps Tasha to stay real and authentic. The R.E.G.A.L Method states that you should aim to create content that is:

R ~ Relatable

E ~ Engaging

G ~ Grammatically Correct

A ~ Authentic

L ~ Likeable

Tasha also taught us two different ways to calculate our engagement rates on social media. You can calculate your engagement rate based off of your followers or your impressions.


Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments) / Followers x 100


Engagement Rate = (Likes + Comments) / Impressions x 100

Tasha also stressed the importance of really trying to build a community. So when people follow your social media accounts, send them a message introducing yourself. She urged us to create a newsletter to help us keep in contact with our community as well as keep them updated on what’s new with our brand. As a brand, you are only as strong as your community.

Brittany Leigh, Brand Marketing Manager for DTLR Villa and creator of HipHopCleopatra, gave us several different ways to build brand loyalty and expressed to us the importance of analyzing your social media metrics. Three different ways to build loyalty are through giveaways, providing free information, and through referral traffic. When creating content you must keep in mind that you need to consistently Attract, Engage, and Convert. Analyzing your social media metrics are vital because you need to be able to tell what’s working for you and what’s not. Brittany encouraged us to try and keep our engagement rate above 4%.

Content Create HER Conference was an experience that you definitely didn’t want to miss out on! I've been to quite a few conferences but it was refreshing to attend one in my hometown for once. Whenever a group of popping women get together you know the vibes are destined to be AMAZING. I had a wonderful time meeting new people and making new connections. I learned so much! The conference was almost a month ago and I'm still trying to apply all the tips and tricks I picked up. I don't know about you Curl Queens but I can't wait to see what the Regal Lady has in store for us next year!

See you at Content CreateHer 2020 <3


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