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Melanin HairCare Signature Line Review

Simple * Natural * Haircare

Hair Benefits of Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend:

  • Formula contains baobab oil, argan oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sage oil, geranium oil, and Vitamin E oil; These oils have the ability to penetrate the hair shaft in order to nourish and rebuild, while also locking in the moisture for hydration longevity.

  • Designed to soften nourish and seal

  • Aids in detangling knots

  • Restores & Improves the manageability of your hair

Hair Benefits of Twist-Elongating Style Cream:

  • Designed to instantly hydrate and seal moisture into your hair

  • Makes your hair more manageable, while helping to detangle hair and reduce knots

  • Contains shea butter, mango butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter, and cupuacu butter which are 5 of the most nourishing butters currently on the market

  • Contains hydrating and reparative aloe vera, plumping avocado, sweet almond oil, and argan oil.



Let me just start by saying that I am absolutely THRILLED that Whitney White finally decided to package and sell her homemade hair care remedies. Ever since I can remember when I started following her on different social media platforms under the handle “Naptural85” she was always mixing her own concoctions. If you’ve been following her natural hair journey you already know that her products work wonders because of the length that she’s been able to retain while also having amazingly healthy hair. She is literally a walking testimonial for her brand LOL What more proof do you need in order to know that you absolutely NEED these products in your life Curl Queens?

Now let’s get into this Multi-Use Pure Oil Blend, this stuff is AMAZING. I’ve used the oil both for hot oil treatments as well as for sealing in moisture for my wash n go’s and twist outs. The oil is very light and a little goes a LONG WAY. I don’t feel like the oil really has any smell which is a plus for me. I do love for my hair to smell like fruits, berries, and pure happiness like everyone else but sometimes the competing scents between products can be a bit much. The Twist-Elongating style cream works wonder. No matter how I choose to style my hair the finished result always comes out wonderful. My hair retains moisture like crazy making my styles last longer than usual. A little goes a long way which is also a plus because the size of the jar is very generous. I ordered these products at the beginning of the year and I still have almost half of the jar left. Now the oil, on the other hand, is almost gone LOL. Between my hot oil treatments and using it while styling as well as refreshing my hair, I’ve been using the hell out of this oil. My hair LOVES me for it though! These two products together are the perfect dynamic duo.

I took it one step further this time when evaluating this product and tested it out with more styles. For one I’ve been dying to experiment more in general because I feel like as a natural I stay with my usual wash-n-go and twist out. Also as good as my results were I was excited to see what other styles I could possibly achieve. The first style I tried was a wash-n-go. I did a 15-minute hot oil treatment and then proceeded to part my hair in small sections and apply the styling cream. I sealed in the moisture using a tiny bit of oil and then I let my hair air dry. I used to apply whatever styling cream or leave into one large section of my hair at a time, usually four sections in total. I noticed that my curls come out a lot better, however, when I take the time to thoroughly part my hair and apply product. So this will definitely be my go-to method moving forward. My hair came out popping! My curls came out super defined. My hair was nice and soft and had a natural sheen to it. I also noticed that my first-day shrinkage was reduced, I usually have to stretch my hair for a day or two to reach the results I achieved day 1 using these products. So you know I was ECSTATIC. For one of my wash-n-go’s I even ended up putting my hair up into two ponytail puffs! Something else I’ve never done before but I absolutely loved the results. My little puff-tails were POPPING! LOL

The second style I experimented with was a twist out. I was preparing for the Lil Weezyana Music Festival in New Orleans and instead of getting my hair styled with braids like I usually do for vacations I decided to see how my royal tresses would hold up in the humid weather. All I’m going to say is that Mother Nature was working hard but Melanin Haircare was working harder LOL. The humidity was enough to cause my hair to frizz up but surprisingly it didn’t. I did smaller twists so my curls came out looking like I put tiny perm rods in my hair which I actually really liked. I didn’t have to re-apply any product the three days I was down there either. My hair maintained moisture really well! All I had to do was spritz my hair with a little water and I was good to go! I even styled my hair in a high puff the final day I was down there.

I got my ends trimmed recently and since my hair was already blown out it gave me the inspiration to try something new. I parted my hair into 7 sections and then spritzed my hair with water just a tiny bit. I didn’t want to add too much water that my hair reverted back to its normal curly state. But I wanted to add just enough water that the product easily absorbed into my hair. I applied the Twist-Elongating Style cream to each section and then began to flat twist. I applied an orange perm rod at the end. I left my hair twisted up almost a full 24 hours before taking it down. The end result came out so pretty! My hair had so much volume and looked like I had a wet set. I was definitely feeling myself LOL It’s been so long since I’ve had my hair blown out so I forgot how quickly the humidity in September will stop you from being great. I honestly felt like if I stayed out even an hour longer than I did I would’ve been going home with a full-blown afro. I will definitely be trying this style again but I’m going to wait until it’s cooler outside so I can flourish. I was so impressed that the cream didn’t weigh my hair down not even a little bit! It felt bouncy and so soft I could barely keep my hands out of it.

These products will definitely be integrated into my hair regimen.

I absolutely can’t wait for Whitney to come out with a shampoo and conditioner!

I will definitely be FIRST in line to try them! LOL

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