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Oyin Handmade Rich Moisture Collection Review

Oyin Handmade is a personal care line specializing in natural, moisture-intensive care and styling choices for dry and highly textured hair.

Honey Wash Hydrating Shampoo Hair Benefits:

-Formula is enriched with pure hydrating honey, scalp toning organic Aloe Vera juice and antioxidant green tea extract

-The quinoa protein increases your hair’s smoothness, shine, and reduces damage making detangling easier

Honey Hemp Detangling and Moisturizing Hair Conditioner:

-Ultra-moisturizing w/ serious detangling power

-Softens & smooths dry hair, leaving lasting moisture

-Natural humectants attract moisture to hair

What the Hemp Deep Moisture Mask:

-Softens and nourishes hair. Organic hemp-seed oil and raw Shea butter provide bio-available fatty acids that penetrate strands for optimum protection and suppleness.

-Smooths and strengthens hair. Bamboo extract bathes hair in strengthening silica, and quinoa protein helps build hair’s strength from the inside out.

-Hydrates and moisturizes hair. pure honey and rich conditioners bring long lasting moisture to the strand of the hair.

Burnt Sugar Pomade:

-Shine & control while braiding or twisting

-Keeps scalp healthy and ends supple

-Packed with essential fatty acids that nourish the scalp, and penetrates your hair and skin for a long lasting, non-greasy feeling.

Boing! All-in-One Coil Styler:

-Moisturizes each strand of hair with Shea butter, coconut oil, and Irish Moss, a natural sea ingredient that promotes curl definition and elongation

-Creates uniform, bouncy coils and curls, enhances highly textured patterns


I’m beginning to learn that Oyin Handmade NEVER disappoints. Before I dive right into the review I wanted to provide my Curl Queens with a little background information on the company. Jamyla Bennu in 2001, fed up with the current selection of products offered to us to care for our natural tresses, created a personal care line specializing in natural, moisture-intensive care and styling choices for dry and highly textured hair. Jamyla was a Naturalista just like you and me when she decided that instead of struggling to find natural and organic products she would just make her own. She did all of this from the comfort of her own kitchen. How AMAZING is that? Did I happen to mention that she founded her company in Baltimore! Being a Baltimore native myself you know this one hits very close to home for me! In 2004 she began making and selling travel kits to begin to build a loyal following of customers and her business quickly began to take off from there. Just a year prior to her travel kits she became business partners with her husband and to this day Oyin Handmade is family owned and operated. #BlackLove

For two years back to back I received a FREE Oyin Handmade product when attending 21 Ninety’s #Summit21 Conference in ATL. The first year I received the Honey Hemp Detangling & Moisturizing conditioner which I absolutely LOVED. The second year I received the Honey Wash Hydrating Shampoo, which sparked the interest in me to just try the entire line. This was the best wash day experience I’ve had in such a long time. The Honey Wash Shampoo smells AMAZING. That was literally the first thing I noticed as I began washing each section of my hair. I had been slightly neglecting my hair the week prior so my tresses were in desperate need of a little TLC. After rinsing out the shampoo I could see the natural sheen coming back into my hair. It felt great and moisturized. “Hydrating” is in the name of this shampoo for a reason!

The Honey Hemp Detangling & Moisturizing conditioner is literally a gift to your hair. The slip is outrageous. As you continue detangling you start to feel your hair becoming softer as the conditioner is absorbed into your strands. No knots or tangles left behind! I honestly thought nothing could get better for me than the conditioner in this line, but that was until I tried the “What the hemp” deep moisture mask. If you haven’t tried this product yet you are seriously doing yourself and your natural tresses a disservice. This mask melts into your curls like butter. It’s the perfect texture of creamy, not too thick so that it sits on top of your hair and far from runny. The first time I used it I left the mask in all night. This is really typical for me because since I’m a lazy natural I feel like my hair deserves the extra TLC. My curls before watching the mask out were soooo defined! It honestly looked like I had a wash n go. Seeing my hair at it’s best automatically put this mask in my Top 3 category. This mask breathed the LIFE back into my hair.

After my 24 hr deep condition treatment I proceeded to twist my hair using the Boing all-in-one Coil Styler and the Burnt Sugar Pomade. I used the Boing styler before going over each strand with the pomade to seal in the moisture before I began twisting. I used only a pinch of each product because a little went a long way. My twists came out SUPER JUICY. I usually wear my twists for a few days before taking them down because I feel like it makes your twist out more defined. It was extremely hard just to keep my hands out of them! These two products work magically together. After a few days because I don’t band my twists I definitey experienced some shrinkage. But shrinkage is NOT the enemy Curl Queens it’s our friend. Shrinkage is a sign of properly moisturized hair with good elasticity.

When I finally took my twists down I was amazed at how bouncy and juicy my curls came out. My hair felt soooo moisturized and overall just looked and felt healthy. I had little to no frizz when untwisting and my hair came out smelling fabulous. The natural scents from their products leave your hair smelling wonderfully without having an overpowering scent. I let my curls gradually fall throughout the week! I didn’t want to pluck my hair out too much to avoid any unnecessary frizz. At night I use an elastic band to stretch my curls while I sleep.

As you know my ultimate test for a product is will it work on both my twist out and my wash n go. To achieve my wash n go I first detangled and briefly co-washed my hair using the Honey Hemp Detangling & Moisturizing conditioner. After co-washing I proceeded with a 15 minute hot oil treatment before applying the “What the hemp” deep moisture mask. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do my famous 24 hour deep condition treatment LOL. I left it in for a little over an hour and just like before my curls felt soft as butter. I then proceeded to part each section of my hair to distribute the Boing styler. After applying the product I went through each section with a detangling brush before letting my hair air dry. I like to let my hair dry before plucking out my curls or adding volume to reduce frizz. If I wasn’t in the process of preparing for a photo shoot I honestly would’ve probably not even plucked them out. That was hands down the BEST wash n go I’ve had all year. My curls were super defined and had a natural sheen to them. I was getting compliments left and right. Another factor that could have possibly contributed to my success rate as well is the way I applied the product, which was slightly different than I usually do. I also usually don’t go back over each section with a detangling brush. Overall I was thoroughly satisfied with my results and these products will definitely be added to my permanent hair regimen.

If you’ve tried any of these products let me know your thoughts in the comments below Curl Queens <3


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