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Protective Styling 101

Winter will be here before you know it! If you're anything like me you probably have all your hair styles already planned out for the season haha I decide on different styles based on my mood or upcoming events and vacations. So I plan to jump back and forth between my crown of curls and protective styling all winter long.

Essence Festival 2018, New Orleans

Protective styles however are not just for the winter but for the warmer months too. I know some of you are probably thinking why protective style in the summertime when you can let your curls run free. But we all know with the summer time comes lots of day parties, outside activities, pool parties, and beach days. Through the process of you living your very best life the wear and tear to your royal tresses can be stressing. So protective styling in between rocking your natural fro is a MUST.

My absolute FAVORITE protective styles right now are faux locs, BRAIDS, ponytails, and of course a few bundles never hurt anyone. There are many benefits to protective styling. The three main benefits to protective styling are:

Low Manipulation

Growth Retention

Freedom of Expression

Protective styles allow you to maintain your hairstyles for at least 3-6 weeks with little to no manipulation at all. Due to the fact that you're decreasing the wear and tear on your hair for this 3-6 weeks, if properly cared for your hair is less likely to break off. I know for a fact that I'm speaking for myself and all my fellow curl queens when I say that it's not fun at all pulling your hair out especially when you can blame no one but yourself.

Freedom of expression is one of the best reasons to protective style at least for me because it gives me the opportunity to try something new. Don't get me wrong I love my natural crown but sometimes I wanna feel like Sasha Fierce with my bundles or maybe I want to add extensions to make my fro unbelievably BIG!!! *starts singing Beyonce's I'm a Divaaaaa* Loll With all these cute braided hair styles maybe I just want to feel like a Nubian Queen you know. I recently just got my braids and I want to say I am definitely feeling myself! Haha For a person who sucks with time management this reduces the amount of time it takes me to complete my morning routines because now I don't have to worry about:

"OMG did I flatten my curls last night from sleeping too hard?!?!?"

"Ugh my hair is just so much frizzier than yesterday :("

"Maybe I should just do a high puff and keep it moving"

It feels so good taking my scarf and bonnet off and my hair already being done!!!

Remember Curl Queens even while protective styling you still MUST provide your hair and scalp with the TLC it desires. Here are a few tips to ensure the health of your hair while protective styling:

  1. Moisturizing daily is key in order to provide your hair and scalp with proper care.

  2. Cleanse your scalp. Try diluting your favorite shampoo with water in an applicator or spray bottle.

  3. Ease the tension. Be careful of your hair being pulled too tight during install.

  4. Always finger detangle post protective style. Using your fingers creates less tension helping you to avoid pulling out your royal healthy strands.

  5. Protect your royal tresses at bedtime. By using a satin or silk bonnet, scarf, or pillowcase you avoid drying your hair out while maintaining your hairstyle.

Thanks for stopping by Curl Queens <3

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