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Royal Hair Regime

Keeping your curls moisturized can be a daunting task when you have a full schedule. My schedule consists of working two jobs and being the CFO for a mentoring program while desperately trying to maintain my social life and sanity. I constantly feel like I don't have enough hours in my day. On Sunday's however I transform into Superwoman and give my curls the tender loving care they desire.

  • Design Essentials Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard

  • Carol's Daughter Original Leave-In Moisturizer

  • Firstline Evolve Conditioning Cap

  • Almond Milk Ultra-Nourishing Hair Mask

  • Wide Tooth Comb

  • Kaleidoscope Miracle Oil

  • Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Shampoo & Growth System

  • Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Conditioner & Growth System

  • Green Tea & Carrot Deep Strengthening & Restorative Mask Treatment

  • Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Tropical Isle Living Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretching Cream

  • Empty Spray Bottle

  • Hair Clips


I begin my regimen by detangling my hair. I take my spray bottle and I fill it up with 50% water and 50% conditioner and castor oil. I spray the mixture all through my hair until it's completely saturated and then I begin dividing my hair into 4 sections. I go through each section and I finger detangle as much as I can before using my wide tooth comb. I make sure to comb my hair from end to root to prevent any unnecessary breakage. If I'm post protective style I'll usually use the Carol's Daughter Almond Milk ultra nourishing mask as well to assist with detangling. Let me just start by saying that the CD hair mask is HAIR CRACK!!!The slip you get is amazing once applying the product and it makes your natural crown feel so good, soft, and silky.

If it's wash day I then proceed to wash my hair. If not I lather each section with the Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Conditioner and Growth System. With the extra slip provided by the conditioner I briefly finger detangle each section again to get any tangles or knots I might've missed previously. After rinsing the conditioner out I begin to apply the CD Hair Mask to each section of my hair. This is followed by a layer of coconut and castor oil. These are two of my favorite oils because they not only moisturize your hair but they help diminish breakage and most importantly they stimulate circulation for your scalp. If I feel like my hair is a little drier than usual I typically add honey to this mixture as well.

I put on my conditioning cap and I allow the mixture to sit in my hair for at least an hour. One of the main reasons wash day occurs on Sundays is because this gives me an excuse to leave the conditioning cap on ALL DAY! haha After rinsing out my mask treatment I then apply the Miracle Oil to each section of my hair directly on my scalp. There are several benefits of scalp massages but my personal favorites are:

  • Prevention of flakes and dry scalp

  • Prevention of excessive brittleness and split ends

  • The enhancement of scalp circulation and hair growth

Once I finish massaging my scalp I take the Carol's Daughter Hair Milk original leave-in moisturizer and massage it through each section of my hair. I'm officially ready to start styling!!! I usually go back and forth between Twist Outs and Wash-N-Go's.

If I'm leaning towards a wash-n-go, after I apply the leave-in conditioner, I follow up with Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretching Cream. Then I apply Natural Honey Curl Forming Custard to each section of my hair and let it air dry. If you've never tried Design Essentials Honey Curl Forming Custard you're MISSING out sis! LOL 

Throughout the week I freshen up my hair by using the same mixture I used to detangle. I'll add additional leave-in conditioner and honey custard as I see fit. If my scalp becomes dry I give myself another scalp massage using the Miracle Oil midway through the week. To sleep I use my good ole faithful Satin bonnet.

Thanks for stopping by Curl Queens! I hope you enjoyed the post.

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