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Top 5 Oils & Butters for your Winter Hair Care Regimen

Winter is officially upon us Curl Queens which means our royal tresses need a LOT of TLC. In addition to keeping up with your weekly deep conditioning treatments,this winter, you need to also make sure you’re using products that can efficiently fulfill all your hair needs. The cold weather dries your hair out so you want to use products rich in moisture to remedy the issue. After making a list of my top 5 oils and butters I realized that these same ingredients are in products I frequently use in my hair regimen.


Cupuacu Butter

Moisturizes and Hydrates

Cupuacu butter is great for sealing moisture into your hair because it absorbs water. The butter has hydrating properties which helps it to work as a moisturizer for dry and frizzy hair. Regular use leaves your royal tresses highly hydrated and the moisture sealing properties help to keep your royal crown softer longer.

Provides Sun Protection

Cupuacu butter has a high amount of Vitamin E in it which plays a major role in protecting your hair from UV-A and UV-B rays The butter basically provides a protective barrier for your royal crown against the sun.

Aids in Hair Growth

Cupuacu butter contains a variety of essential fatty acids which helps with hair durability and elasticity which ultimately aids in hair growth.

Jamaican Black Castor Oil

  • Moisturizes Hair

  • Thickens and strengthens your royal tresses

  • Increases Hair Growth

Jamaican black castor oil increases blood flow to the scalp supplying your royal crown with nutrients. The oil prevents hair breakage, dandruff, eczema, and dry and itchy scalp. Castor oil is full of omega-6 fatty acids that help increase blood circulation to the scalp which aids in hair growth and functions as a humectant. This oil is personally one of my FAVORITE! I add it to my spray bottle with water and use it to frequently spritz and refresh my hair. I also sometimes add a little to my deep conditioning treatment along with honey for additional moisture.

Argan Oil

  • Naturally hydrates hair

  • Improves the health of your scalp

  • Prevents style & color damage

  • Provides Sun Protection

  • Remedies Hair Loss

Argan Oil is packed with powerful antioxidants and fatty acids such as Vitamin E, which has many benefits for your royal tresses and scalp. The Vitamin E helps to form a protective barrier on your hair and scalp which prevents dryness, frizziness, and protection from styling. The two main fatty acids within the oil, oleic and linoleic acid, helps your hair retain moisture. The oil contains various nutrients that help improve the blood circulation in your scalp assisting in hair growth.

Shea Butter

  • Seals your hair with moisture

  • Soothes dry itchy scalp or dandruff

  • Provides Sun Protection

  • Provides heat Protection

Shea Butter serves as a natural conditioner, it absorbs easily into your scalp without clogging your pores. The butter serves as an excellent source of moisture for dry and damaged hair. From personal experience a little bit goes a long way, start small and work your way up to bigger quantities to avoid over-saturation of your royal tresses with product. The butter contains emollient qualities which makes the butter amazing at locking in moisture without leaving your hair feeling greasy. Shea butter coats your hair shaft as a protective barrier which ultimately prevents heat and sun damage.

Mango Butter

  • Boosts hairs natural luster

  • Seals your hair with moisture

  • Remedies dry, damaged, and frizzy hair

  • Promotes scalp cell regeneration

Mango butter is full of fatty acids that help moisturize your royal tresses while promoting cell regeneration of your scalp. The emollience of the butter helps it to retain moisture within your hair while providing a layer of protection. Mango butter reduces the degeneration of skin cells and restores the hair's elasticity, which ultimately aids hair growth.


Each one of these oils and butters will literally work MAGIC on your hair. I mentioned previously that a few products I use regularly in my regimen contain many of these ingredients, and all of these products come directly from the Melanin Hair Care line. The twist elongating cream contains Cupuacu butter, shea and mango butter. The Pure Blend Multi-use oil also contains argan oil. Needless to say I will be relying heavily on these products through these next few cold winter months. These products have proven to be undefeated in all seasons thus far.


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